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How Our Team is Addressing COVID-19

At Timber Springs Dental, we care about your visit and want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Our office has always placed a high priority on cleanliness and infection control; however, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused dental offices everywhere to re-evaluate infection control barriers and procedures. Our team is following CDC, ADA, and OSHA guidelines to remain proactive during these uncertain times and make sure our office continues to be a  safe place for you and your family.

What Patients Can Expect at Their Next Visit

1. Preemptive Screenings We are screening patients at the time of scheduling, sending each patient a screening form prior to their appointment, reviewing it upon receipt, and then rescreening verbally before they enter the office.

COVID-19 Consent & Screening Form:

2. Patient’s Overall Health is Our Top Priority We are having patients use hand sanitizer upon entry. We are checking the patient’s temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation at the front desk. We are having patients pre-rinse before any procedure in the patient rooms.

3. Electronic Patient Forms Completed Before Your Appointment All of our forms are available electronically. We will text or email a link, which will direct patients to the necessary forms to be completed prior to their appointment in order to limit contact points in the office.

4. Curbside Check-In We are asking patients to wait in their car and call or text when they arrive. We will check them in and verbally screen them before they enter the office. If we are not ready for them to enter at that time, we will call them back when we are ready for them.

5. Continued Social Distancing Practices We will have no more than 4 patients in the office at one time. We are planning to stagger book patients in order to limit the number of patients in the office at one time.

6. Patient Rooms Are Disinfected Between Patients As always, patient rooms are disinfected after each visit, and all instruments are sterilized and stored in a manner to avoid cross-contamination.

7. Additional Disinfection Protocols We are wiping down all commonly touched surfaces including, but not limited to, counters, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, credit card machine/pin pad, and iPads between patients.

8. Sneeze Guards Installed at the Front Desk We have installed sneeze guards at our front desk at check-in and check-out areas.

9. Medical Grade Air Purifiers with HEPA-13 Filters Installed Throughout the Office We have installed two Medify MA-40 2.0 Air Purifiers in common areas, and we have installed a Medify MA-14 Air Purifier in each of our patient rooms.

10. Fully Prepared Staff with All Necessary PPE Our team will be wearing a variety of PPE. As always, all of our clinical staff will wear gloves, masks, and glasses. Additionally, some clinical staff may be wearing face shields, surgical caps, and gowns.

11. Staff Health Screenings We are screening our team daily and equipping staff with PPE above and beyond what is currently recommended by CDC, ADA, and OSHA.

Our Dedicated Team is Ready for Your Next Visit

By implementing guidelines and procedures provided by the CDC, ADA, and OSHA, our team is ready to schedule your next visit. Contact our office today for any further questions or concerns and to book your next appointment.



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