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Tips on How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency - Humble, TX

Most accidents happen when least expected, and it is not just for major occurrences but to minor dental emergencies as well. While it may seem like something that can be handled only at home, there are instances which it can be potentially serious once ignored. Not performing the necessary precautions and proper procedures may result in the need for more extensive treatments or irreversible damage.

Our priority at Timber Springs Dental is to make sure that our patients' dental health is always in tip-top shape. We understand that emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere which is why we came up with these tips on what to perform once it is encountered. The first step to do is to rinse their mouth with warm water to remove any foreign objects from entering any open spaces.


A Toothache

It might be caused by trapped foods, so it is best to clean the spaces between teeth by using floss. If there is any swelling involved, apply a cold compress on the outer cheek and take pain relievers to alleviate the pain. Do not put an aspirin directly on the tooth for it can harm the soft tissues instead of doing any good.

Broken tooth

Apply a cold compress against the cheek to control any swelling and see a dentist immediately for its proper handling.

Fractured Jaw

Restrain the jaw by all means possible. Do this by using a handkerchief, towel, or necktie around the head and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Objects caught between teeth

Try to remove the object carefully with dental floss, make sure to not use any sharp objects like pins for these can scratch the enamel or even cut the gums. If the object is hard to remove by yourself, it is best to schedule an emergency visit at Timber Springs Dental.

Knocked-out tooth

Make sure to retrieve the dislodged tooth for it is still possible to reinstall it on the socket once proper measures are taken. Clean the tooth with water but make sure to hold it by the crown and not by the root to prevent any damage. In case the patient can place the tooth back to its socket make sure that it is facing the correct way. Do not attempt to reinsert the tooth to the socket forcefully. If it is not possible, place it in a glass of milk, a cup of water with a pinch of table salt, or keep it moist inside the cheek while waiting for the dentist.

Make sure to have our number saved in your phone so that you can immediately call us at Timber Springs Dental to take care of the emergency immediately!

For more inquiries about Emergency Dentistry in Humble, TX, call us at Timber Springs Dental. You can visit us at 5444 Atascocita Rd., Suite 100 Humble, TX 77346.