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Tooth Extraction in Humble, TX: Tips for Preparation

Many people would agree that seeing the dentist is not something that they look forward to, much less have their tooth extracted during a visit. For many years now, people believed that a tooth extraction procedure is excruciating like any other dental procedures. This statement may have been true in the past, but not today! With the advances in dentistry, means for comfort and improved techniques are being practiced. Besides, most dental services are not painful in the first place. 

As much as possible, our dentist at Timber Springs Dental would want to preserve a tooth instead of opting for an extraction. However, if the condition is no longer treatable with any dental services available like fillings, root canal, or crowns; having it removed would be the best course of action. Our practice understands that extraction is not the most pleasant experience but to make it much easier for patients, here is a list of tips we prepared.


Teeth Extraction: Preparation

  • Most people worry that having an adult tooth extracted means that there is no longer a natural way for its replacement. Make sure to discuss with the dentist if there is any other alternative. If it is the last course of action, know the available restoration options to feel more at ease and to decide properly.

  • Provide an updated medical record and a list of any taken medications. Doing so will make the dentist more aware of the things to do and avoid to make the overall experience more pleasant.

  • If the dentist requires an x-ray, do so since it would give them a clearer view of the teeth and for them to know the ideal method to use when extracting the tooth.

  • Arrange a mode of transportation on the day of the extraction. Ask a family member or a friend for a drive home since it is possible that the patient would still be under the effects of anesthesia after the procedure.

  • Ask the dentist if fasting is required the night before the scheduled appointment.

  • If there are medications provided, make sure to take them as instructed by the dentist to avoid any problems.

Before scheduling an appointment, remember to address any concerns and questions with the dentist. Doing this will help the patient feel confident and at ease throughout the whole process. Taking note of the aftercare tips provided by the dentist is a must to avoid complications during recovery.


Looking for a safe and pain-free Tooth Extraction procedure in Humble, TX? Book an appointment with us at Timber Springs Dental! We have a caring and dedicated team to help you feel pleasant and at ease throughout.