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The Dangers of Not Replacing Lost Teeth

There is more to tooth loss than just discomfort and unsightliness. Believe it or not, missing a tooth or two can also lead to long-term consequences or serious complications. While there are patients who take immediate actions, there are others who wait weeks, months, or even years to take action. Dentists discourage this practice since it can lead to more harm than good. When talking to any dentist, they would definitely recommend immediate restoration to keep oral health in shape.


To understand the dangers brought by missing teeth, we at Timber Springs Dental prepared a list of the possible consequences of not seeking dental restorations. Continue reading below.

Gum disease

As most people may already know, the primary cause of the devastating gum disease is food that gets stuck in areas where cleaning is quite challenging. This portion of the mouth becomes an ideal place where bacteria can thrive. Although missing teeth do not directly cause gum disease, the misalignment in the mouth gives more area for food and bacteria to accumulate. Aside from the growth of bacteria, tooth loss can also lead to the development of gum disease, which requires a significant amount of treatment.

Bone loss

The bones in the entire body work the same way. When used, they get stronger, and if not, they weaken. That is why doctors recommend weightlifting to increase one’s bone density. When it comes to the mouth, the jaw bone on the site where a tooth is lost will gradually wear down. If left unattended, the condition can cause a patient’s face to change in shape.

Eating difficulties

As anyone can imagine, eating with teeth missing can be uncomfortable and painful for the gums and the teeth adjacent to the gap. Not only will this lead to damage, but it also causes a person to give up on certain foods that the body needs. 

Jaw problems

The mouth is a system, not a collection of independent parts. Since the teeth extend down to the jawbone, it can lead to the development of TMJ disorder. This complication can cause significant pain, and in worse cases, misalign the jaw to a dangerous degree.

Avoid all the things listed above and more by replacing lost teeth promptly. Remember delaying the treatment can only make matters worse. At Timber Springs Dental, we offer our patients dentures since we understand the difference it can make in eliminating the consequences brought by missing teeth.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not let missing teeth stop you from smiling and doing the things you love. Consider our Dentures and Partial Dentures in Humble, TX! Call or visit us at Timber Springs Dental to have yours made.