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Planning on Getting Veneers? Here Are Things to Know First!

Why is it that celebrities have the best smile? How come they are always ready to flash their smiles in front of the camera? Many people have these questions in mind. The truth is, just like regular people, some actors are also troubled with their teeth. But they got over this issue by considering a particular service—dental veneers. Yes, the secret to Hollywood Smile is actually a type of cosmetic dentistry service.

To those who are not yet familiar with veneers, these thin shell-like prostheses are attached to the front portion of the teeth to serve as a cover-up for teeth imperfections. With them on, patients can expect that their smiles will appear flawless and natural-looking. At Timber Springs Dental, we offer veneers that make use of porcelain for more durable and permanent smile enhancement. If you are thinking of availing the said service, we prepared a list of things one must know before getting veneers.

Patients don't need to get veneers for all their teeth

Contrary to what most people believe, it is possible to apply veneers on just a single tooth. If there is one tooth that looks grayish or is chipped, the dentist can create a veneer that is fitted to the surrounding natural teeth.

Veneers are an option

Patients may find veneers beneficial, but they are not something that is considered a must-do. For example, some people avail of veneers to improve the appearance of their smile. On the other hand, patients get veneers to have their chipped or cracked teeth fixed.

The gums will become sore

After the installation of veneers, know that the gums need a recovery period for it to reform around the newly placed prosthesis. Although the soreness can last for some time, patients can just take some Ibuprofen to help deal with the pain.

It is possible to experience bonding sensitivity

The sensitivity is due to the reaction of the teeth and bonding cement. It is said that half of the people who undergo the placement of veneers experience sensitivity. After the anesthesia wears out, patients may feel it for six hours. To minimize or eliminate this possibility, the dentist must clear the excess cement, which is the culprit.

Veneers do not last forever

If the patient observes proper oral care, veneers can last for more than a decade. The exact duration will depend on how well they care for the said prosthesis. Despite this, veneers still need to be replaced at some point.


To know if you are a good candidate for a Porcelain Veneers in Humble, TX, it is best to schedule an initial consultation to get the opinion of a dental professional. To get started, call or visit us at 5444 Atascocita Rd., Suite 100 Humble, TX 77346.